win a dream trip to the ring

Imagine being woken up by the sound of a McLaren 600LT firing up in your back yard. The first thing you see out the window is the iconic Nürburg castle and petrol heads from all over the world driving past it towards the Nordschleife.

As you get out of bed, you sit down for a while thinking what you should drive today. The VW Golf GTI? The BMW M2? The M4?

Hard to decide. The dream of having first world petrol head problems has become a reality.

You go outside and see “your alarm clock” – the 600LT – together with the BMW F80 M3 approaching as they prepare to hit the track. These 2 cars, the most advanced taxis on the Nordschleife, may be a great place to start your day.

The “Curacao Blue” McLaren taxi is going past the barriers and your body gets pushed against the “Senna” seats. Good thing you skipped the breakfast you think. After the first 5 corners the track seems to be empty and dry, so you close your eyes and try to “feel” the corners.

Fast climb and right-hander towards “Flugplatz”, a little takeoff at Schwedenkreuz and nimble braking afterwards, followed by the right hander make you guess you are going towards the “Foxhole”. You slightly open one eye and after seeing the big “Yokohama” sign on the bridge you are excited and happy that you have memorized the track this well, let alone that you can afford to have an eyes-shut lap.

Going past all those corners reminds you that it is the VLN race tomorrow and you will be attending as a VIP. Which corners would you like to watch it from? Or would you just like to be lazy and kick back in the VIP-lounge?

All of the excitement and questions above could be yours to answer in the Spring 2019, if we select you as the winner of our Nürburgring dream-vacation give-away.

What does this 20.000-euro package entail?

– Paid travel expenses
– 2-week stay in one of our luxury suites, including breakfast
– 100 laps in any of our rental cars
– Personal instruction, including video analysis
– Taxi laps with our professional drivers, in the most advanced taxis on the Nordschleife
– VIP entry and tour to a VLN-race
– Guided Nürburgring road tour
– 1000€ spending-cash
– … and much more!

So how do you win?

Make a 1-minute video where you explain why you want to come to the Nürburgring and why we should select you. Upload the video on Instagram, tagging @apexnuerburg, as well as tagging #lifewithapex, so we can find your entry.

Travel dates are flexible and will be based on the winner’s needs. However, we will announce the winner on 1st of February.

Terms & conditions:
The winner may not exchange the prize for money. The above-mentioned numbers of laps and their value are an estimate, the actual number may vary depending on the winner’s wishes, skill level, track opening times or other variables. The events mentioned could be subject to change depending on the winner’s travel dates.

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