With the Nürburgring Taxi you can have the lap of a lifetime CARFREITAG 2022 MAKE carfreitag

Car Friday is back after two years!!! Saying that the Apex crew is excited would be a dramatic understatement. As a part of the fun we will be bringing back the Goodmans Burger truck of course the Taxis will be running and have many visitors planned through out the day! Be sure to pop in, say hello to the team and check out the cool cars that will be coming through.

As a way to share the excitement with you guys, Robert is offering up 5 passenger laps with him in the GT86. On both the apex and Roberts personal instagrams you will see calls to action today bringing you to this page to sign up to win your slot with him in the car.

If you do not win on 14 April be sure to keep an eye on apex and Roberts social media as we know he loves driving the GT86 (maybe more than the 620R) and it is a safe bet that some spur of the moment laps will be announce on our channels live on Friday getting you guys some seat time with him.

Fill in the form below to get entered for a fun little get together with Robert and the amazing little GT86.

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