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Official Nordschleife Guide

This official Nürburgring guide contains 320 pages loaded with valuable information for visitors to the Nürburgring. It is a must-read for both new visitors and experienced Nordschleife pilots.

Inside you will find:

- Brief history of the Nürburgring.

- In-depth beginners guide that answers many of the most frequently asked questions by visitors.

- Highly detailed driving instructions – designed to help you drive the Nordschleife swiftly and safely – by Roy Hastings, a professional driving instructor with 25+ years of experience on the Nordschleife.

- Interviews with 16 well-known and less-known drivers and riders with hundreds and even thousands of laps under their belts.

- More than 150 beautiful, professional pictures of the track and the surrounding area.

A unique book for true Nürburgring enthusiasts.

Multilingual – English and German language included in one book.

2-3 days processing time + shipping (highly variable and depending on location)

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