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Whether you are starting to explore driving the Nürburgring, or you have done a considerable number of laps, it is safe to state that – although everybody’s individual goals may be different – everybody wants to keep themselves, their finances and their car safe.

types of instruction


Remembering all driving regulations and understanding the unspoken rules of the public session on the Nürburgring can be confusing and complicated. With the support of an instructor, you’ll get to the track feeling just like a regular.


Introductory track day experience

We want our customers to be able to try the flavor of track days, without having to commit the time and money a normal track day requires. For this reason, we have brought the “Introductory track day experiences” to life, where all of our instructors have freed up their day to show you this face of the track. You can book in starting from 2 all-inclusive laps and enjoy this one-to-one in car training exclusively with Apex.


Performance driving experience

Instructions are not only a service for beginners. Our performance driving days are set up to get the most out of each driver and to focus on driving technique, car control and preparation. After every couple of laps, the instructor will sit down and evaluate the laps with you, using the RaceNavigator footage and data, so, when you go back out on track, you have all the information you need to improve fast.



On certain track days, we can organize a lead-and-follow instruction set-up, where our instructor would not sit in the car with you, but rather drive behind you or in front of you and observe your driving from the outside. The information you can acquire from trailing a driver is significantly different than from in-car instructions.

meet the instructors


Misha is walking encyclopedia when it comes to the Nürburgring. He knows roundabout everything, from braking points to where the mushrooms grow on track. He has done countless of laps on the Nürburgring, in many different settings and with a wide variety of cars. Misha likes to keep it simple and fun!



Laurin pretty much lost count of how many laps he has done; driving, but also as a coach. He is versatile when it comes to your driving experience. Although the Nürburgring is called the most demanding track of all, Laurin’s guidance will allow you to enjoy, boost your confidence and improve your lines.



The moment he got his driving license, Mike started driving the Nürburgring. He is known for his calm and assertive teaching style and has a unique energy reserve. Mike’s good at spotting where there is room for improvement, and delivering clear solutions to make you a better driver. 



On his 3rd ever race on the Nürburgring, Moran did not only win, but also set the quickest lap time in his class. He loves the diversity of the Nürburgring, and the challenges this poses: different weather, traffic and road conditions, combined with a variety of drivers, make for a track that never bores. His experience on the Nordschleife and masterful car control are clear reasons why we have Moran not only as a track day instructor but also as one of our esteemed Apex Taxi drivers.



Moritz did not just win his class on the 24-hour race of 2018, he did so in 2 different cars. He has an array of international motorsport experience, and is eager to share this with you. As our taxi driver, he is still adding laps to his ledger on every public session. Moritz is only available for improvement via data analysis sessions and coaching in lead-and-follow settings on track days .

Catch a passenger ride with our professional instructors!

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