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Frequentely Asked Questions

Not everything is straight-forward regarding the Nürburgring and the services you can or cannot experience here. We’ve compiled the most asked questions, and answered them for you. Hopefully, you can start your trip well-informed and confident. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to the team.

For a more in-dept account on our rental process, please refer to our blog post.


Our rental cars and taxis are all different, and height and weight don’t always completely identify how someone is built. The absolute maximum height is 210 cm, and the absolute maximum weight is 150 kg. If your measurements are between 200 and 210 cm, or between 120 and 150 kg, you will have to come down and try the seat yourself.

Taking passengers with you in your rental car is allowed and at no extra cost. When you rent that car, you rent the vehicle, not the seat. Make sure you inform yourself about the amount of seats your rented car has though. Passengers are required to sign the terms and conditions of the rental contract, and if your passenger is underage, their parent or legal guardian will have to either be there with them (to sign), or provide a declaration of consent. Reach out to us if you need a template.

Per rule, we do not work on cars that aren’t ours. If you have a question, we are happy to help and direct you to one of our contacts that can do the job.

We have extra parking behind our barn which you are free to use! Our main driveway gets filled up pretty quickly on a busy day. We only have so many spots and we ask for you to keep everything outside the designated parking spots clear so our rental cars and taxis can remain mobile.

The track is about 22 kilometers long so you can imagine that it has a handful of great spots to go and watch the cars. However there is not 1 spot where you can see the cars for very long, like a spotter tower. 

  • The Sabine-Schmitz corner is a big braking zone with a lot of action and is in walkable distance from Apex Nürburg.
  • The Brünnchen corner is very accessible as you can literally park next to the track fence and watch what spectators also call the YouTube-corner.
  • If you’d like to get to Adenauer Forst you’re in for a relatively long walk, but it’s worth it. Park your car at the bottom of this street and walk up.

You can check the latest restrictions here.

The reception is manned almost daily from 09:00 to the end of that day’s public session (between 19:30 and 20:00). If there is no public session, we might close earlier. During the off-season (December – February) the office is mostly closed, but you can still reach us via e-mail. You can find the opening time for there Nübrurgring here.

At the ring°boulevard in Nürburg you can hang about for quite a while without ever getting bored. You could do the backstage tour, check out the shops at the venue and visit the ring°kino movie theatre or the ring°werk museum. If it’s your cup of tea, you can even go go-karting at the ring°kartbahn or drive the track virtually at RaceRoom. 

The Vulkaneifel Spa at the Lindner Ferienpark in Drees is practically around the corner and offers a variety of wellness and beauty treatments you can have, like peelings or regular and hot stone massages. The park also has a fitness room, tanning salon, nail studio and sauna.

Another very relaxing option is taking a trip to the Vulkaneifel Therme at Bad Bertrich, an in and outdoor swimming complex with thermal baths. They also have saunas and do wellness and beauty treatments.

If you want to discover more of this beautiful area, there are tonnes of sights worth seeing. If you’re up for a walk, you could visit and walk over the longest suspension bridge of Germany (Geierlay). After that, you could – for example – visit the picturesque center of Cochem, followed by a relaxing stroll – or an ice cream – alongside the river Moselle. 

The Volcano Park on the other hand, is entirely devoted to – you guessed it – the Eifel’s volcanic geological history. Spread around the area, you’ll find a Roman mine, volcanic craters, geysers, circle-shaped lakes, basalt mines, the Terra Vulcania discovery center, several museums and landscape monuments. Have a look on their website and pick your most favorite route (which connects the Volcano Park projects). 

The Eifel region rises 1 to 2 millimetres per year – for real – and will most certainly rise to the occasion of your arrival. On the website of the Eifel National Park you can find tonnes of information on the immense amount of forests, wildlife and lakes of the area. You can also book a forest guide, or view the possibilities of accompanying a ranger on his tour. If you prefer to set out alone on a journey by foot, you will also find information on the so-called sign-posted theme-tours. 

If “just” walking is not extreme enough for you, there are also various routes for Nordic walking – or how we like to call it: boosted walking – in the vicinity. There are even training boards – for stretching – provided along the way.

Does it need to go even faster? Then you should consider renting a mountain bike or e-bike – if you don’t have one on you – and cycle around the track. Radarena provides road books and GPS-tracks, just in case you get lost. 

If you’re feeling more heroic, you could go all Robin Hood and participate in an archery class in Kopp/Eifel. Combine this with a visit to the caves, limestone reef and castles of Gerolstein and your medieval-themed day will be a definite success.

If you want to go back to the nuts and bolts of pure fun, there is the 200 meter long summer toboggan run, which is basically a bobsleigh track without the ice. You’d think this is for kids only, but most of their customers are adults, just saying. 

At Cologne you can find all sorts of shops, from small boutiques to exclusive designer shops. When you’re done shopping, there is also the cathedral, tours, boat trips and even a zoo to keep you busy. 

The flamboyant Königsallee in Düsseldorf is a true paradise for those who like to indulge in luxury and extravagance. And if you still have money left to celebrate your newest additions, we are 100% sure you will find a bar you like, since the Altstadt is also known as “the longest bar in the world”. 

The track security assesses the condition of the track by driving a lap on it. If they decide it’s too dangerous to drive, they will close the track, but for that to happen the conditions need to be relatively severe. Fog, and heavy rain or snow might impair vision or the grip on the track. If the track is closed and you have a booking, you will be rescheduled to later that day (if the track opens), or we will give you a credit to reschedule to a later date. Unfortunately, we do not allow you to reschedule if the track conditions are not favored: if the track is open, your booking stands.

The track is usually not open for public driving between the end of November and the middle of March. April, May, October and November are what we call the low-season months. The traffic is usually less but we also anticipate the weather not being favourable. That being said, if you are not afraid of a (semi-)wet track, these are the best months to come out. June to September are the high-season months. The area is thriving, restaurant seats or hotel rooms need to be pre-booked and the car park at the entrance of ‘Ring is usually cramped. The experience is completely different, but the Nürburgring is the same, so it’s up to you what you deem important and what your goal is for your trip.

The main difference between a track day and a public session is that you essentially commit to a full day of unlimited driving when you book a track day, whereas on a public session you pay per lap. Track day entry fees vary from €600 to €1200 for the full day, and only include the just that. However, when you rent a car or book an instructor with us you will still have to pay per lap, regardless of the event. Track days are organized by private instances and the public sessions are ran by the Nürburgring itself.

From experience, we know, that even the best weather apps can sometimes be completely off. It’s also difficult to make any predictions, like “the weather in June” as we’ve seen it all: cold temperature and lots of rain and fog, or a heat wave. The track needs a different approach when it’s wet but is still a lot of fun, so what we recommend is for you to book one of our instructors.

We have a strict non-refund policy on all of our services. If there is a problem we will figure it out together but we do not allow cancellations or no-shows due to weather or sheer desire to do so. If your travels are restricted due to the current health situation, reach out to us in due time and we will assist you by either rescheduling you to a later point in time or adding you to our credit list. Long story short, if something comes up and you cannot make it we will assist you getting booked in on a different date or give you a credit for the full amount you paid, but only if you let us know in time.

We run 2 different set-ups on our rental cars: on the entry-level cars we have upgraded “the essentials”, like tires, brakes and sometimes suspension, whereas our higher-tier cars have cages and bucket seats. All of our cars have been bought and built for the Nürburgring. We pride ourselves in offering cars that we would love to drive ourselves. You can also find more specific information about the set-ups here.

You may notice many photographers stood around the track wearing purple vests. Their photos are shared on www.racetracker.de. They start uploading pictures at the end of the day’s session, but usually most pictures will be online the next morning! 

Apex offers the full one-stop shop Nürburgring experience. We provide rental cars for you to drive yourself, taxi laps, where our professional drivers will take you out on a hot lap, and instruction services for both our rental cars, or your private car. In addition, we can accommodate you in our luxury hotel, in the middle of the town of Nürburg, host your private and cooperate events, or take you and your car out for a professional photoshoot, including rolling shots. Name it, we have it!


Absolutely, although we’d strongly recommend you check with your insurance beforehand, as many companies will not cover driving on the Nürburgring. Also make sure your car is well maintained and road legal. You can buy a lap ticket at the lap ticket office (close to the entrance of the Nordschleife), at the info center or even at the ED gas station in Nürburg.

We require a minimum of 2 laps per booking in order to provide you with a more relaxing, safer time on track. Hopefully, this will avoid people trying to get everything out of their single booked lap, making mistakes and ending up not enjoying their lap.

Absolutely! You get 30 minutes per lap, which should give you a margin if anything does not go according to plan, like dense traffic or a late start to the session. If everything goes smooth, you can use that margin to take a break.

We highly recommend that you book in advance. During the high-season we might end up finding difficulties accommodating you last minute. So if you know which date and which service you would like to book, go ahead and lock that in. Please keep in mind that if you want to pre-book, you are required to pre-pay. You are more than welcome to book something spontaneously on-site but then you will likely be subject to less availability. Same-day booking requests might not get answered via e-mail, as we constantly receive a very high volume of e-mails. Please allow up to 3-day answering times during busy periods of the season.

It really depends on what you want to get out of it. Each driver and their stamina is different, however we find that 2-4 laps is a perfect amount for a first time driver. If you want to learn the track and actually get better, you are looking at hundreds of laps at a minimum.

It’s simple: all you need is a valid driver’s license and a credit card for security. Make sure you have the correct version of your driving license, and that it is not expired. For us, it is important that we can read what is written on your license. You might need an official translation. The credit card you use must allow remote withdrawals, and have a sufficient balance or limit for the excess of your rented car. If you are using someone else’s credit card they need to be on-site to sign for the usage of the credit card, or have to give us a written statement that you are allowed to use it for the booked service.

This is the flat-rate price per lap after you book a 12-lap package. The more laps you book, the more discount we can offer you, up to 25%. You can check our price list for more information. You cannot accumulate the “total amount” of laps over several bookings.

An instruction lap is an add-on to a lap in one of our rentals or your own car, where the instructor will be your co-pilot and will guide you through the track. They will prioritise safety and focus on your driving skills. Having a professional and experienced instructor is the best track insurance you can buy, but it’s important to keep in mind that the instructor is not in control: the driver is. Please note that an “instructor lap” is not an actual lap, but an add-on to a lap. Some of our higher-powered cars require at least 1 instruction lap per driver. If it’s mandatory, the first instruction lap is included in the price.

The rates on the price list include the rental of the car, the lap tickets, fuel, and on our higher-tier cars even 1 lap of (mandatory) instruction. If you have your own lap tickets we can obviously subtract that amount per lap. You can book additional instruction laps if you wish and you can find the prices on our price list. Wear-and-tear is accounted for, and insurance is included. Make sure to inform yourself about our insurance policy in the relevant FAQ-section.

During the public sessions the Nürburgring is a normal road where the German traffic law applies. If you are allowed to drive a vehicle on the public road, you can drive the Nürburgring. Even tough some other rental companies have a higher minimum age, we will rent a car out to anyone who has a valid driver’s license recognized in Germany. However for your own and other’s safety, it is recommended that you have at least a couple of months of driving experience.

We’ve built our rental fleet to accommodate all sorts of drivers. Some of our cars are very beginner-friendly and forgiving, whereas others require more work and skill to be enjoyed on track. If you have never driven our higher-tier rental cars we want to make sure you will not only drive safe, and be conscious of maybe slower or less experienced drivers, but also that you will take care of our car. There are no exemptions: even Robert Kubica was instructed on his first lap!

Insurance and Accidents

We do not offer any additional insurances, which means that you can unfortunately not lower the maximum excess of our rental cars. If the excess is too high for you, we would recommend looking into rental cars with a lower excess, and bringing an instructor on your laps for extra safety.

​​All of our cars are insured to be on the Nordschleife. Third-party liability is covered, but what the insurance does not cover is (1) damages to the track, barrier and clean-up costs, (2) recovery costs by the towing company and (3) damages to the Apex rental car. These three items are what our mandatory excess covers. Much like with every other motor insurance policy, the amount is different per car, so please have a look at our price list for more information. As a safety measure you are expected to bring a valid and charged credit card on the day itself, of which we take a copy.

In case of an accident, remain calm, think logically:

  1. Do not keep on driving!
  2. Park the car (safely) on the side of the track and turn off the engine.
  3. Get over the barrier!
  4. Call the emergency phone number (+49 8000 302 122) and Apex (+49 2 691 519 9982).
  5. Let them know where you are and what you need.
  6. Provide first aid.
  7. If you feel safe to do so, warn oncoming traffic (stay behind the barrier).

If there are damages to the track, the Nürburgring officials will assess them and have you pay the bill on the spot. Damages to the car will be appraised at the Apex Nürburg workshop if the car can make it there. If not our technician will drive up to where the car is and inspect the damages there. You will have to pay for the damaged parts immediately and in full, up until the maximum amount, which is the excess of your rental car.

If you bring the car back with damages, regardless of who was at fault, you will have to cover the damages (driver of the rental car). The Nürburgring is a one-way toll road where the normal German traffic law applies. That means that if you are involved in an accident with a third party, you need to have the police assess who’s at fault. If you don’t have any video footage this might prove difficult. If they rule that you are not at fault, you can then proceed to claim back your paid amount to us via the other driver’s insurance.


The Apex Nürburg hotel has 5 rooms: 1 double room, 1 twin room and 3 suites. All of our rooms feature a queen size bed with a 2-person duvet (except for the twin room), high speed internet, a smart-TV, wireless speakers and a complementary mini-bar with coffee, tea and snacks. The spa-like bathroom comes with eco-friendly toiletries and towels. Our suites also have a living area with sofa bed, and a kitchenette with utensils.

We do not offer breakfast at our hotel but you will be met with complimentary coffee, tea and drinks. You will also get discount coupons for the breakfast buffets our partner Lindner offers in their establishments.

Apex Nürburg only really closes for the holiday season. The reception might be less manned, but if you would like to stay at the hotel you are more than welcome and we will make the necessary arrangements to make it possible. The winter season in Nürburg is beautiful, and the area does provide some winter sport possibilities.

We do not offer a 24-hour reception and prefer to check you in personally. You can choose any time between 15:00 and 18:00. The latest check-out time is 11:00, but you are always more than welcome to leave earlier. If there is no one in the reception (which is likely before 09:00 AM), you can leave your hotel room key in the lock on the outside of the door, or in the mail box. 

We apply 5 different rates on 2 different room types throughout the year, so the prices vary depending on your requested dates. In high season, the prices during a normal weekday (non-event rates) are €109 for a room and €139 for a suite. On weekends, the prices will be €139 for the room and €169 for the suite (non-event rates).

Get the most out of your rental experience with our professional driving instruction!

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