Terms & Conditions – Apex Taxi

Participating in an Apex taxi lap, I, the undersigned, formally declare that, as a part of any activity and/or events I take part in organized by Apex Nürburg GmbH, I waive, both for myself and any of my right holders, including my/their respective insurers, all possible claims, including for personal injury and material damage, being:


1. Apex Nürburg GmbH, and/or its subsidiaries, parent companies and affiliates, their shareholders and/or directors and/or personnel and/or representatives,

2. The owners and/or operators of the track,

3. The organizers of other activities on the track,

4. Other users of the track (spectators, onlookers, …),

5. The driver of the vehicle, the instructor, and the owner of the vehicle I am in,

6. The personnel and representatives of all the above-mentioned companies and/or associations (points 1 to 5)

7. The insurers of all the above-mentioned personnel and representatives and/or companies and/or associations (points 1 to 6).


The participant who takes part in an Apex taxi lap, takes full responsibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances (for example, events on track which force the occupants of the car to leave the car). He/she knows that he/she is responsible for the civil and criminal liability of all the damage (personal and/or material) caused by his/her incorrect conduct of behavior. The participant knows the general rules of the track and if not, he/she will obtain this information at their own initiative (a card with the key safety guidelines of the track is available with Apex Nürburg staff). It is the participant’s responsibility to acquire this and understand the rules accordingly. The full safety guidelines are available on the Nürburgring website. The participant obliges him/herself with his/her signature to follow all the rules or indications of the organization, the driver of the Apex taxi car and/or other Apex Nürburg GmbH staff, official marshals, and/or other Nürburgring staff. The organization has the right to introduce necessary changes in the program as a result of force majeure, security considerations and/or requirements of the government. The organization also has the right to cancel the entire event as a result of particular circumstances, without any reimbursements due. While using our services, you may be asked to provide us with certain personally identifiable information. By signing underneath, you give Apex Nürburg GmbH the right to collect, store and use this information for the purpose of contacting you, communicating with you and improving our services.