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When the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened late February 2022, it was clear there was an urgent need to help refugees fleeing from destroyed homes and cities. As early as March 6th, we were housing and feeding mothers and children in Hotel Circle Inn in Ramstein.

Knowing that living out of hotel rooms was not a permanent solution; that families needed to have some autonomy and sense of security, we started to find apartments for the displaced Ukrainians. With local connections and generous offers for properties, we were able to place over 60 people into long term accommodations.

As one would guess, the apartments were bare and required full furnishings with beds, tables, seating areas, kitchen equipment and linens. Only because of selfless and generous donations were we able to provide not only shelter, but also things that would help the Ukrainians create a home during uncertain times.

When a crisis hits, it is naturally overwhelming to know where and how to help. Each and every donation, whether €10, €100 or €1000, was graciously received and spent wisely. Having the finances behind  those willing to give their time was the fuel for all volunteer efforts. We are grateful beyond words for the generosity of our Apex community!

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